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Make Any Project Easier with Rhino Shield Accessories

At Rhino Shield, we are proud to offer a variety of high performance, water sealing, and preparatory products to assist in the performance of our coating systems. For more information of our Rhino Shield accessories, stop by our Jacksonville, FL location or give us a call!

The following Rhino Shield accessories are highly effective and compatible with most Rhino Shield coatings:

Seam Tape

Our seam tape is an excellent preparatory item for flat roof applications that is available in a variety of widths to suit any project. This is a 100 ft. roll of polyester tape and is best used when needing to seal existing seams and infusions with ease.

Rhino Patch

As a superior patching compound used on wood or small masonry repairs, Rhino Patch has a natural wood hue to easily blend into most woods. This accessory is packaged in a 1-gallon buckets for convenience of use.

Flexible Patching Caulk (FPC)

FPC is a smooth, acrylic patching compound for roofs and walls. It is a trowel-grade, white elastomeric, waterproofing caulk and sealant that is ideal for use on roofs.

Stukko Patch

Stukko Patch is a trowel-grade, white, elastomeric waterproofing caulk and sealant best suited for use on masonry or walls. This Rhino Shield accessory is available in an optional sand or course finish to ensure the finest blending capabilities with a variety of substrates.

Superior Bond Primer

This Rhino Shield accessory is necessary when you require superior adhesion for those difficult surfaces. Unlike many other primers on the market, our superior bond primer offers bonding and adhesion to PVC as well as fiberglass surfaces.

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