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Rhino Red Iron Oxide Primer Description

Red Iron Oxide Primer (RMP) is classified as a water-based, direct to metal primer. This primer is very high in solids – such as zinc and red iron oxide pigments – well known for providing a long-lasting and effective barrier against rust. RMP can be applied over existing rust to inhibit growth and is equally efficient at combating rust formation from taking place in the future. Additionally, our Red Iron Oxide is more environmentally friendly than most other traditional red iron oxide formulas, making it the best choice for your project.

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Red Iron Oxide Uses

Rhino Shield Red Iron Oxide Primer is superior for the treatment of outdoor or indoor metals that are subject to rust in Jacksonville, FL. It can be applied to steel, aluminum, and galvanized metals to halt the development of rust and creates a smooth topcoat that is durable and less prone to peeling and cracking than many other metal primers. RMP can be applied to both interior and exterior projects and is most ideal for priming wrought iron fencing, metal window trims, steel roofing, and much more. Red Iron Oxide may be used as a primer under a variety of Rhino Shield topcoats. If you want to know more about this leading metal primer, please contact our team at Rhino Shield in Jacksonville, FL, and we would be happy to answer your questions.

Benefits & Uses

  • Proven Effective on the Most Difficult Rust Problems
  • Comprised of Zinc and Red Iron Oxide to Create High Quality Rust Encapsulation
  • Easy to Use and Install
  • Superior Alternative to Sand Blasting
  • High Solids Formulation
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Accepts Most Finish Coats
  • Very Versatile
  • Eco-Friendly

Technical / Performance Data




Reddish Brown


79% +/- 2%


11.9 lbs +/- .3 lbs


120 g/liter


100 - 200 sq. ft./gal


2 to 4 hours


12 hours minimum

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