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Since 2000, the Rhino Shield team has dedicated itself to delivering high-quality products and services when it comes to residential, commercial, and industrial coating systems. Our consultants will address your building’s needs since North Florida goes through different weather climates. The customized product formulas are guaranteed not to crack, chip, or peel while offering superior corrosion resistance, UV ray reflectivity, and water resistance.

Coating your building’s exterior is a significant investment, so don’t waste your money with poorly applied paint destined to deteriorate within five years. The Florida sun can be problematic and may shorten that time frame. Rhino Shield’s premier exterior coating is UV protected to help no matter how much the sun hits it. We have performed these services on thousands of homes, offices, churches, hospitals, industrial complexes, apartments, and more.

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Rhino Shield Brings the Quality with Coating Products

Our Rhino Shield team in Jacksonville, FL have over 150 years of combined home improvement experience. The professional installers at Rhino Shield Jacksonville can handle any sized job you have for us. We will work with you to create the optimal installation plan and select the best residential, commercial, or industrial coating system for your home, building, or complexes. Our advanced elastomeric ceramic wall and roof coating systems are ideal for virtually any exterior surface due to their tremendous durability, and we can easily install them over your existing surface. Guaranteed to last you years!

We Do More Than Exteriors in Jacksonville, FL

Our professional coatings can do more than cover the exterior of your building. We also can cover your interior walls and industrial fixtures as well as floors. The walls of your home and office can now experience all the same benefits of your exterior. You even get better insulation and sound control by using our high-quality coating systems to help increase HVACs energy efficiency, saving you money each month.

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If you are ready to “paint” the inside or outside of your home or commercial space, give the pros at Rhino Shield in Jacksonville, FL a call. Our professional coating systems are anything but paint, and they are so much better as well. If you have further questions about our products or prices, please reach out to our office. Our team would be happy to get you the answers needed to begin our work.

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