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Ceramic Coating That’s Guaranteed to Last

With Rhino Shield ceramic exterior coating, wasting time and money to repaint every season is a thing of the past. Our ceramic coating is made to withstand the elements, and backed by a written transferable, non-prorated warranty. When you invest in our systems, you’re receiving a premier quality coating that have been strenuously tested by BASF labs to be proven to last.

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Add Value to Your Home While Cutting Energy Bills in Half!

Rhino Shield’s ceramic coatings are specially formulated to reflect UV rays away from your home’s exterior to significantly reducing wall surface temperature, so you can save money on cooling costs over time. As if our ceramic coating wasn’t valuable enough, Rhino Shields transferable warranty is an excellent home selling feature, putting potential buyers at ease in knowing their home is set up with a coating that is simultaneously long-lasting and energy efficient.

Enhance the Look of Your Home or Building

Rhino Shield’s exterior coatings provide an aesthetically pleasing and vivid gloss to your home or building for years to come. Allow us to completely transform your building’s exterior with a durable coating we can tint to any of the 1,500 colors we have to choose. No matter the hue your project needs, we have the solutions to deliver the best results.

Eco-Friendly Products You Can Rely On

Rhino Shield products are made to protect Jacksonville, FL residential and commercial buildings from extreme elements with ease. Our exterior coatings do their part in helping with the following:

  • Provides water resistance for your home or building
  • Resists salt air corrosion like no other ceramic coating
  • Delivers high wind tolerance
  • Fights mold, mildew, and algae growth

Additionally, avoiding frequent repainting works to reduces the amount of fossil fuels and materials used to manufacture latex paint. With Rhino Shield products, you’re not only reducing your carbon footprint, you’re also investing in products that are nontoxic, low odor, nonflammable, and contain low volatile organic compounds. Keeping the environment and your loved ones safe is easy with Rhino Shield!

Rhino Shield vs. Latex Paint

Rhino Shield is superior to traditional latex paint for a plethora of reasons. Not only does our specialized exterior coating provide 8 to 10 times thicket coating than latex paint, but it also works to eliminate the repainting cycle. The cost effectiveness of Rhino Shield products is undeniable. Unlike latex paint, our waterproof, salt-tolerant coating doesn’t chip or flake. Our offerings outperform traditional paint options in almost every facet, making it easy to see why Rhino Shield has become the preferred choice for exterior wall and roof coatings!

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