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Performance and Value of Rhino Shield vs. Regular Paint

Rhino Shield interior and exterior coatings are far superior to traditional paint. Rhino Shield outperforms paint in almost every comparison factor important to any residential, commercial, or industrial customer. Our specialist team has developed a unique way to get the job done and ensure it lasts you longer than any other interior or exterior coating on the market. We provide these services on any residential, commercial, or industrial building throughout the Jacksonville, FL area. No longer will you need to throw your money away with these less than stellar coating systems. Most need to be replaced every two years or so to keep up appearances. Not Rhino Shield.

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How Rhino Shield Can Help Your Buildings Exterior

Rhino Shield was developed to give your building the facelift needed to keep up its appearances. Our team has helped homes and offices throughout Jacksonville and the rest of the North Florida area with a combined experience of over 150 years. We help you choose the correct investment for your exterior coating costs by providing you with a long-lasting and durable coating option. We have applied our coatings to hundreds of buildings in the area and helped save them money in the long run.

Call Rhino Shield Today for Interior and Exterior Coatings

Rhino Shield is here to help give you the proper interior and exterior coating for your home or business today! If you have any more questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please reach out to our office in Jacksonville, FL for further assistance.


Homes need an excellent coating to protect you and your loved ones inside from the outdoor elements. We also can apply our Rhino Shield coating on your interior walls for a better option than paint. It especially protects against young ones in the home. It is also an antibacterial to combat growth from mold and other bacteria substances from destroying your walls.


Our exterior coating options can help you maintain your company's appearance. The outside of our office, store, school, hotels, and more are often the first thing to give you potential customers an impression. If your business's façade leaves much to the imagination, then it's time to give Rhino Shield a call.


We do more than paint walls at Rhino Shield. Our complete line of industrial coatings consists of rust inhibitors and encapsulators, high gloss polyurethanes, water-based epoxies, and ceramic epoxies to protect metal roofs, outdoor railings, warehouse floors, and more.

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